2021 Toledo Art Walk

27th Annual Art Walk

Celebrate with us!

Labor Day Weekend – September 4, September 5 and September 6, 2021 

Join us Labor Day weekend and visit with artists at various locations throughout Toledo to celebrate the 27th Annual Labor Day Weekend Art Walk

The public is invited to enjoy the displays, refreshments, demonstrations, lectures, and more on this self-guided tour from 10 am to 4 pm daily.  Maps of the event will be available at participating galleries and studios. 

Hosted by the Yaquina River Museum of Art, the Art Walk will feature numerous artists at several locations throughout Toledo.

Our sponsors and volunteers make the Toledo Labor Day Art Walk Event possible.

A Little History…

Toledo’s Art Walk began as a one-time event in October, 1993 as an open-studio for Michael Gibbons, a Mentor Artist for the Corvallis based Vistas & Vineyards program.  Artists Douglas Haga and Ivan Kelly, recent arrivals to Toledo and neighbors of Gibbons, were invited to open their doors during the festivities.  Several hundred visitors came for the event, and in 1994 and 1995 the trio of Toledo artists staged a repeat. Each artist invited a guest artist, swelling the number to six showing art. In 1996, prompted by the challenges of October weather, the Art Walk event date was changed to the three days of Labor Day weekend, where it remains to this day.

We always have such an amazing group of artists for Art Walk. You won’t want to miss it! Mark your calendar for this event, and spread the word!  We will update this page with a list of participating artists as we get closer to the date.  Each location has something different, as well as artist demonstrations, talks, and refreshments.  You’ll have wonderful opportunities to meet the artists, and talk about their work.  Maps will be available at the various studios.

"Cow Parsley and Lupine" by Michael Gibbons


2021 showing artists, studios, and galleries

Yaquina River Museum of Art

"View of Criteser's" by Marion Moir

At the Yaquina River Museum of Art located at 151 NE Alder Street, guest artist Marion Moir will be featuring her watercolors and mix media works.

A lifelong painter and student of the arts, Marion Moir is known for her iconic watercolor works of flowers, landscapes, puffins, sea life, and maritime scenes. Many of her paintings are done en plein air, or “in the open air” outside and on location.

“Plein air painting is my favorite. I paint in the cold, the heat, the light and tide changes, the insects, on uneven ground or wobbly docks. But it is the excitement of what I might find around the corner that intrigues and challenges me.”

Moir studied art at Oregon State University and attended workshops from the noted “California School” painters and many other inspiring teachers in the US and Japan. She lectured on ‘Arts and Healing’ at Oregon hospitals, and did Arts Care in an Outpatient Clinic. She was an artist in residence in Lincoln County schools.

Marion teaches watercolor, collage, gyotaku, and mixed media in Newport and around the US. She has been a member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon since 1981, and enjoys membership in other art groups in the western states. She has won numerous awards and grants for her work. She is also a book illustrator in California, Arizona, and Oregon and her paintings are in corporate collections worldwide.

“I was very pleased to be asked to show in this wonderful gallery space again. I have included paintings I did upriver and at Criteser’s Moorage. I loved to hear the stories the owner, Ralph, would tell his cronies who were there every day to see him. The quietness and beauty of the river captivates me.”

Gallery Michael Gibbons

"Labor Day Relaxation" by Michael Gibbons

Michael Gibbons’ Signature Gallery will be featuring select paintings from the late artist’s original works. As a founding member of Art Walk, Michael’s legacy to make public and promote an appreciation of the dedicated local artists continues through the colorful arts community in Toledo. Gibbons’ passion for painting the Yaquina Watershed, which he referred to as a sacred landscape, can be seen in his original works painted on location throughout the region.

“You can almost hear the chorus of the different trees. It’s a sense. You don’t hear words, but the language is right there. It’s a living being.”


The Signature Gallery of Michael Gibbons will present 75 plein air paintings found in the archives of the artist’s studio that encompass a wide variety of subjects. Many are without frams and a significant discount is included in the price. From tiny 6”x8” jewels of Northwest and Southwest landscapes to architectural subjects including street-scapes of a much larger size; much of this treasured work is being shown at Art Walk for the first time. In keeping with the gallery’s annual custom for Art Walk, Michael Gibbons’ Signature Gallery offers an exclusive discount of 40% (to represent 40 years in business) on all prints, mugs, and art cards as a thank you to all the collectors of his work. Judy Gibbons invites everyone to visit with her this Art Walk at the Gallery as she offers this extraordinary opportunity to see and select art by Michael Gibbons.

Michael Gibbons' Signature Gallery is located at 140 NE Alder Street.

Ivan Kelly Studio & Gallery

Ivan Kelly’s painting “Clearing, A Winter Evening” shows his mastery of marine painting. 

For 40 years Ivan Kelly has painted the landscapes from the Canadian Rockies all the way to the high desert of New Mexico. 

“I love the way light transforms the landscape, in particular early morning when the air is fresh and the shadows are long and transparent," he says, “and I believe the best way to paint the beautiful subtleties of light is with easel firmly planted where it’s happening, on a cliff edge, riverbank or sand dune.” 

Painted with energy and confidence, Kelly’s paintings are alive –  each one with a unique mood, light and authentic sense of place. Ivan Kelly Gallery Studio is located at 207 East Graham Street, one block above Main Street. 

St. John's Episcopal Church

Kids Art and Books

St. John’s Episcopal Church will have family art activities put on by Seashore Family Literacy, a non-profit organization that promotes literacy and provides free meals for children in the local area.

Rock painting for a take-home piece of art and origami peace-sign (folding paper in a Japanese style) will be taught on Saturday Sept. 4. Next day, Sept. 5 Sunday at Noon Ricky Dyson will read stories followed by Director of Seashore Literacy Senitila McKinley playing and leading a sing & play-along ukulele session.Participants are encouraged to bring their own ukuleles along to join the fun. Free books and literacy pillows will be given out both days along with school supplies.

Join the art celebration at St. John's located at 110 NE Alder Street.

Crow's Nest Gallery & Studio

Featuring 15 Mixed Media Artists

"The Magic Traveling Bunk Bed" by Veta Bakhtina

Crow’s Nest Gallery & Studio will be displaying the works of fifteen artists.

Among the artists, Janet Runger, the founder of Crow’s Nest, will be featuring her storybook found object assemblage art. Veta Bakhtina will be featuring her striking folkloric paintings, Alice Haga will be showing her fused glass works. Val Bolen, a tile and ceramic artist, will be displaying her pieces. Paula Teplitz, a primarily a ceramic and a mixed media artist, will be displaying her work such as her sculptural jellyfish mobiles. Jeff Gibford is a photographer who digitally manipulates his photography. Tish Epperson will be displaying her vivid watercolor works.

Crow’s Nest Gallery & Studio is located at 305 N Main Street.